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Moon Eye Star Lamp

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Introducing The Moon Eye Star Lamp! This premium item is guaranteed to catch eyes at all times.


Our Moon Eye Star Lamp is a must have for any occasion. 

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If you’re looking for a beautiful, multi-functional LED desk lamp, be it for working in your office or as a leisure reading lamp in the bedroom, this baby will very likely satisfy your needs.

You don't have to think for a second before nominating this as the best desk lamp for the eyes. If you work a lot in front of the computer screen, or spend long hours reading and writing at your desk, be kind to yourself and equip yourself with this desk lamp. Your eyes will thank you. Overall, this is a big, well-built, beautiful desk lamp. It is not perfect, but in terms of light quality and eye friendliness, it’s without doubt the best desk lamp on the market to date. Totally worth every penny you spend.

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The led night lamp is funny and unique for its appearance and suspension induction design. The light will on and change colors by the double ball contact, bring more fun when using. It is practical and beautiful for living room ,dinning room, etc.

Suspension induction dimming, turn on switch by the double ball contact. 
Art and technology melt together, can be used as an artistic decoration while as light lamp.
Four adjustable soft light colors, create different atmosphere, no harm to eyes.
Two styles of star moon and double star, all romantic feeling.
Various colors of appearance for you to choose.


  • Shade Material: ABS

  • Style: Star moon, Double star (optional)

  • Appearance Color:

  • Star moon: Black

  • Double star: Blue, Black, Orange (optional)

  • Light Color: Red & blue & green & white

  • Power: 5W

  • Voltage: 3.7V

  • Charging Time: 3-4 hours

  • Duration Time: 15-20 hours

  • Item Weight: 280g / 9.88oz

  • Item Size: 239 * 139 * 78mm / 9.41 * 5.47 * 3.07in

  • Package Weight: 475g / 16.76oz

  • Package Size: 275 * 165 * 90mm / 10.83 * 6.5 * 3.54in

Package List:

  • 1 * Night Lamp 

  • 1 * USB Cable

  • 1 * User Manual