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Infrared Muscle Relief Floor Lamp

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Infrared Muscle Relief Floor Lamp


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Infrared Light Heating Therapy Floor Stand Lamp Muscle Pain Cold Relief Constant Temperature

This multi-purposes infrared lamp can not only be used to relieve muscle pains, disinfect and sterilize and also can be used to light up room and warm yourself in winter. Rotary lamp head, flexible bracket allow you to aim the lamp at the acupuncture points or the part you want to warm. 

1. Adopt infrared light therapy to offer physical body treatment, effective and safe.

2. Made from iron and ABS, high temperature resistant, stay firmly without falling down.

3. Rotary lamp head and flexible bracket allow you to aim at the part you need to treat.

4. In cold winter, you can warm yourself with the infrared lamp.

5. Its radiation frequency is high, permeability is strong, can improve metabolism, disinfect sterilization, speed up wound healing.

6. Using its good heat infiltration effect, can obviously play the role of anti - inflammatory and analgesic, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

7. It has obvious effect on muscle strain, joint pain, lumbar pain and cervical pain. 
Improve micro-circulation and regulate nerve and endocrine functions.

8. Improve blood flow rate, promote blood circulation, eliminate blood circulation barrier.

9. Suitable for family, hospital, health care center, physical therapy center, beauty organization, such as the use of body and breast products to help the penetration and absorption of effective ingredients.

Item Type: Infrared Lamp
Material: Iron + ABS
Color: Black
Power Plug: EU/US Plug
Voltage: 220V/110V
Power: 275W
Effective Illumination Range: 5m
Weight: Approx. 5650g

Package List:
1 x Infrared Lamp
1 x English Manual

1. Each irradiation 10-20 minutes, heat to feel comfortable. Avoid long irradiation.
2. The distance of irradiation is subject to comfortable feeling.
3. Don't look directly at infrared bulbs with your eyes.
4. Keep away from all kinds of combustible materials, and pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation of equipment.
5. The temperature is high when using, do not touch the open infrared bulb with your hands, do not wipe the hot bulb, and avoid damaging the special IR-A coating on the surface of the bulb.

The Infrared Muscle Relief Floor Lamp is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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