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Ferrofluid Lava Lamp

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Introducing The Ferrofluid Lava Lamp! This premium item is guaranteed to catch eyes at all times.


Our Ferrofluid Lava Lamp is a must have for any occasion.

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This is an actual lava lamp with NASA derived nanotechnology inside. The 'lava' is made of a magnetic fluid called ferrofluid. Like an ordinary lava lamp, the dark fluid will form blobs that rise and fall on their own by simply turning on the light in the base. Unlike an ordinary lava lamp, you can now interact with the 'lava' with ordinary magnets.

The ferrofluid can be pushed and pulled. It forms geometric patterns and spikes in the presence of a magnetic field.

  • Includes neodymium magnet wand and 4 ceramic magnets.
  • Patented technology you will find nowhere else.
  • 15 inches tall 
  • 450 mL of volume
  • 15 mL of mind bending ferrofluid inside
  •  Assembled in the USA 


International Customers:

This lamp is a standard US 120 volt. You must make sure you are converting to the proper voltage. This is for your safety.

Your country may tax you for this item. This is your responsibility.