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Hurricane Mini Home Cooling Air Purifier

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USB Hurricane Mini Home Cooling Air Purifier


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1. Output power: 4W

2. Input voltage: DC5V

3. Input current: 1000MA

4. Fan blade material :plastic

5. Styling ordinary: round

6. Switch type: Button

Material: Plastic

Shape: Square

Customized: Yes

Size: 15*15*17CM


1. Simple and beautiful, the function is not single, and quickly exports the cool breeze.

2. The large-capacity water tank is just right to avoid the problem of degraded air pollution caused by

the residual water in the water tank for a long time.

3. Add water at the top, convenient and beautiful, high and comfortable, easy to add water.

4. Effectively purify air, PM2.5, second-hand smoke, odor and other pollutants, so that the fresh and natural air always surrounds you.

5. Function: Two adjustable, 1, night light. 2. Fan plus night light. Up to 1.5L of water can be added. Single water injection for up to 8 hours

6. Selling point: stylish shape, low price, compact size, easy to carry, USB interface, can be connected to the charging treasure, available anytime, anywhere.

Package included:



1. The water injection bottle capacity is 150ml, just fill the water tank, please do not add more water to avoid overflow.

2. When adding water, please put the product on the plane. Do not tilt.

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The Hurricane Mini Home Cooling Air Purifier is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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