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Germicidal Air Disinfection Lamp

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Introducing The Germicidal Air Disinfection Lamp! This premium item is guaranteed to catch eyes at all times.

The Germicidal Air Disinfection Lamp!

Our Germicidal Air Disinfection Lamp is a must have for any occasion. 

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Item Type: Ultraviolet Lamps
Certification: CE, CCC, RoHS
Model Number: Bulb with base
Average Life (hrs): 6000
Voltage: 110-240V
Color Temp(K): 254K
Features: Photo-catalyst
Luminous Flux: 000
Household Base type : E27, self ballast , on/ off switch
Power input 220-230 Volt 110 120 127: 15 Watts, 162 ft.sq. covers ; 25 Watts, 270 ft.sq. covers
Ultraviolet light: wavelength Ozone: 185nm; UVC: 253.7nm/254nm
Kill Bacterium: Mold mildew, Flu virus, Fungus, Canine virus, Germ, Dust mites
Strong Deodorization: Remove bad smell, Unbearable Body odor, Musty, Oily Smoky
Instead of Carbon pack: Refrigerator, Diapers, Ashcan,
Indoor environmental management: Dispel odor, Make Air Circulation Fresh
Clean air Control: Reduce pollen pet allergy dust mites
For household office warehouse hospital: Kindergarten dorm hostel living bed room kitchen Toilet
Rich of sunshine taste: Locker shoe cabinet box wardrobe Nursing bottle
Strong cleaning ability: Meet sterile room requirements
Tool disinfection: Barber shop, dentist, beauty, manicure

Life is too short to live without the Germicidal Air Disinfection Lamp. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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